French Crust Café

The sister restaurant of Jean-Robert’s Table, less than two blocks north on Vine.

915 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH 513-621-2013

Open: Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Breakfast: 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Lunch: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Coffee and pastry available all day

~ Viennoiserie & Pastries ~

Croissant                                                          $1.95

Almond Croissant                                           $2.75

Chocolate Almond Croissant                       $2.95

Pain au Chocolate                                          $2.95

Pain Raisin                                                        $3.00

Muffins                                                             $1.75

Sticky Buns                                                       $2.95

Cinnamon Twists                                            $2.50

Chocolate Éclair                                               $2.75

Vanilla Caramel Éclair                                      $2.75         

Coffee Éclair                                                    $2.75

Opera Cream                                                   $4.50

Royal Chocolate                                             $4.50

Crème Brulée                                                  $3.50

Pot de Crème                                                  $3.50

~ Coffee and Beverages ~

Coffee/Decaf                                       $1.75/$2.50

French Press Coffee                                     $4.00

Espresso                                                           $2.25

Decaf Espresso                                               $2.25

Double Espresso                                             $2.95

Latte                                                                  $2.50

Decaf Latte                                                      $2.50

Cappuccino                                                      $2.50

Decaf Cappuccino                                          $2.50  

Hot Tea (Variety)                                            $2.50

Iced Tea                                                            $1.95

Soda                                                                  $1.25

Perrier                                                               $1.95

Orangina                                                          $1.95

Milk                                                                   $1.95

Petit Dejeuner

Omelette du jour            $ Priced Daily

Fresh fruit salad          $5

Eggs benedict with a slice of homemade brioche,

roasted tomatoes and wilted spinach   $9

Crunchy Swiss granola with Snowville yogurt,

fruit salad and coulis      $6.75

Buttermilk pancakes – with maple butter, bananas and sautéed strawberries   $6

                 – with sweet corn relish and goat cheese   $7.75

Tarte fine with mushroom and tomatoes served with

two fried eggs with bacon, sausage or goetta links $9

Puff pastry with local goetta, poached eggs, Hollandaise

and piperade $9

French Croissant perdu, cinnamon and honey,

served with sautéed seasonal fruit  $6

Croque Monsieur with two fried eggs $9.50

Scrambled egg with goat cheese, confit tomatoes

and asparagus on a croissant $8.50

Bacon/Sausage/Goetta  $3.50

Eggs any style  $2.50 ea.

Dejeuner   11am-3pm

~ Les Soupes

Creamy chicken soup with wild rice, white beans and mushroom   $4.50/$8

Soup du jour    $3.75/$7

~ Les Salades ~

La FCC – field greens with dried cherry, radishes and honey mustard dressing   $4/$7

Apple, endive and gruyere with walnuts and arugula   $11

Avocado and shrimp with romaine, radish and grapefruit   $12

Poached chicken with asparagus, field greens and hazelnut dressing   $11

Duck leg confit, bacon, crouton and a poached egg   $12

~ Les Flat Croissants with arugula, frisée and balsamic ~

Served with soup of the day

Tomato, avocado, brie   $12

Chicken, apple, mushroom, Kentucky Sheep’s milk cheese   $12

Ham, Swiss cheese, béchamel   $12

~ Les Quiches ~

Served with soup of the day or La FCC salad

Lorraine: ham, gruyere and leek   $10

Duo of salmon with asparagus and mushroom   $11

Goat cheese, zucchini and tomato   $10

~ Les Sandwiches ~

Served with soup of the day or La FCC salad

Croissant with duo of salmon, egg mimosa, tomato and avocado   $10

Baguette with tuna Nicoise-style salad   $10

“C” BLT – Charcuterie club   $10

~ Les casseroles “Le Creuset” ~

Salmon, tomato, corn, shiitake mushrooms, wild rice and lemon sauce   $14.50

Mac and Cheese with medley of mushroom, leek and celery   $10

Beef short rib with mushroom sauce, red potatoes, carrots, peas and zucchini   $14.50

Scallop and shrimp vol au vent with mushroom and vegetables   $14

Medley of seafood crepes with béchamel, white mushroom, piperade and spinach   $12.50

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